13 Intangible Dividends (Besides Weed) that Hobby Grows Pay Every Cycle

Ben Owens
5 min readOct 26, 2022
The first seeds I popped: HAOG x Wookies

At 11:19PM on June 25th, 2019, I planted my first cannabis seeds, and started documenting the process.

Since then, I’ve learned countless life lessons through the lens of a Hobby Grower.

If the best cannabis investment you can make is a hobby grow, then these are 13 of the most impactful dividends that investment offers:

1. Professional Clients — Attract new business opportunities by starting your grow.

By starting a Hobby Grow, you’ll engage with a variety of businesses–grow tents, lighting, nutrients, genetics, substrates, grow containers, etc. Familiarity with the products can lead to professional opportunities with the brands that produce them

2. Professional Knowledge — Stand out in cannabis by knowing the plant.

If you work in cannabis (or a professional ancillary to cannabis), your familiarity with the plant, and the growing process, differentiates you from peers without that experience, offering you an advantage when applying for jobs or pitching clients (See #1).

3. Product Knowledge — What it takes to make what you’re buying.

As consumers, our purchasing decisions are driven by the market’s presentation of information; as a Hobby Grower, you know firsthand what it takes to product products that are desirable.

4. Opportunity to Learn — Personal access to raw materials essential to learning new skills.

When you grow your own, you have access to plant material in its freshest form, allowing you to learn about extraction, infusions, edible production, composting, leaf preservation, and more.

5. The Importance of Cleanliness — “Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

We’re all pretty familiar with the importance of showering, washing our hands, and proper sanitation (thanks in part to the last few years). Growing makes you pay attention to the cleanliness of your environment…

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