5 Ways To Include Weed At A No-Weed Wedding Venue

Ben Owens
4 min readNov 3, 2023

Most wedding venues haven’t gotten on board with weed…yet.

Which is why, for those that haven’t, couples have to get creative if they want their favorite flower to be part of the ceremony.

Last month, I married my best friend and fellow cannabis advocate, and we found ourselves in this exact situation.

We toured countless venues, all of which had a very specific conflict:

Because of a liquor license, there was no cannabis consumption onsite.

We were torn.

On the one hand, there ARE cannabis-friendly wedding venues.

They fall into 2 categories:

  • Priced at a premium — aka the “green tax” because they know how hard it is to find venues that allow it
  • Basic AF — usually conference rooms, back “party rooms” and other less-than-bride-magazine-worthy settings

Without the budget to ball out, we had to be reasonable.

We wanted a picturesque wedding.

We wanted to celebrate our love for cannabis.

We found the perfect venue, they just don’t allow smoking.

So, we got creative.

5 Ways To Include Weed At A No-Weed Wedding Venue

Bridal bouquet featuring Home Grown Sherbadough flowers, harvested 48 hours prior to the ceremony.

1. Cannabis Bouquets

The Bride’s & Bridesmaids’ Bouquets, as well as the each table’s floral arrangements and the cake decorations all featured home grown cannabis, harvested 48 hours beforehand.

2. Bud Boutonnières

For all of the Groomsmen’s Boutonnières — as well as the officiant’s — lower buds from those bouquets were used and prominently featured on all of the men’s lapels.

3. Hand-Rolled Cigars

As a gift to the groomsmen, I hand-rolled 6 cigars with 5–7g of home grown flower in each. These were then…



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