7 Phenohunting Obstacles Small-Scale Growers Face — and How to Overcome Them:

Ben Owens
3 min readSep 6
Current Hobby Grow hunt: Quattro Kush x Grand Daddy Purp from the Quattro Kush Multipack by ETHOS Genetics (Hunting 4 females out of 5 regular seeds popped).

Like most hobby growers, I don’t have 100s of 1000s of sq. ft. to pop seeds until my heart’s content.

But, even with 3 tents or less — depending on what point in the journey we find ourselves — I’ve still hunted through a my share of seed packs.

You just have to anticipate the obstacles you face, and have a plan to overcome them.

The 7 Phenohunting Obstacles Small-Scale Hobby Growers Face (and the golden rule for overcoming them):



If it’s a hobby, it’s not probably not your full time gig. You don’t have the luxury of spending all day in the grow; the time you do have has to be used efficiently.

OBSTACLE #2. Space

The name says it all: small-scale grower. You’re doing this on a small scale. You have a finite amount of space.

OBSTACLE #3. Money

Hobbies don’t make money (by definition). A Hobby Grow is a self-funded endeavor; Your operating budget is finite, and you have to get the most out of every dollar spent.

OBSTACLE #4. Supplies

Hobby Growers don’t have warehouses full of grow supplies. If you’re hunting extra plants, that means extra supplies, which need to be paid for (see #3) and stored (see #2).

OBSTACLE #5. Time Away

If you’re a hobby grower, most often you’re a one-man (or woman) operation. Most of the time, that’s great, but if you have to step away, the more plants you have , the harder it is to keep things on track until you return.

OBSTACLE #6. Preservation

Keeping chosen cuts around is one of the biggest obstacles to the entire phenohunt process. First, you need to have the skills to do so (i.e. cloning or tissue culture). Assuming you know how to preserve cuts, your obstacle becomes how many you can preserve at one time due to space (#2) and supplies (#4). Throwing away countless clones — or rooted seedlings — also gets expensive (#3).

OBSTACLE #7. Personal Needs

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