7 Things You Need To Know To Plan Your Grow Calendar—so you can live your life, too!

Ben Owens
2 min readNov 30, 2023

It’s important to have a plan — In life, in work, and in the grow.

Without it, we’re forced to make sacrifices that could have been avoided.

That’s especially true if you’re wasting precious time and it costs you an extra cycle.

Or if you didn’t realize your business trip in the Spring fell on the week you were supposed to harvest (and you already flipped).

For that reason, I’ve gotten in the habit of planning out my grow every 6 months or so. Usually I stick to the plan. But even if I don’t, it gives me a baseline to know how far I’ve deviated.

This week, I planned out my next 6 months for my 2 4x4 Tents, and I’m excited that I should be able to squeeze 5 cycles in by Mid-June.

There’s 7 things you need to know in order to plan your grow calendar:

  1. Clone Time — 2 weeks for planning purposes. Give or take.
  2. Veg Time — 3 weeks (assuming I am growing from clone). Also, I’m in a grow tent with limited height. If you’re in a bigger space, this could be much longer.
  3. Flower Time — 9 weeks. I’m aiming for 63 days ±7 days for consistency in my crops. Anything more or less is an exception, not a rule.
  4. Harvest Time — How long to take down the plants & clear your space?
  5. Drying Space & Time — Do you have a separate space? If yes, then drying does not impact timeline. If no, you need to know (and plan for) Drying Time (typically 10–21 days).
  6. Reset Time — Both Cleaning Time & Re-Entry Interval (REI)/Time before you can restart
  7. Time Away From Grow — You want to time your grow cycles so you are away during the least crucial moments (whenever possible). — Also, planning ahead helps with lining plantsitters up before it’s too late.

These answers give you an exact baseline for how many cycles you should be getting in your space every year.

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