Does it matter if seeds are reg or fem if you’re only keeping ladies?

Ben Owens
2 min readNov 1, 2023
Morning coffee thoughts from the Hobby Grow.

Does it matter if seeds are reg or fem if you’re only keeping ladies?


Sort of.

Some context:

Earlier this week, I made a post about sex testing.

Among the responses, one piece of advice stuck out:

If you grow feminized seeds, you don’t worry about sex testing.

But there’s a lot of growers who say the exact opposite:

Never grow feminized seeds; regs only!

So who is right?

And does it matter?

Short story:

When I first started growing,

I thought “reg” packs were “breeder packs”

(For finding a stud TO BREED WITH)

If you weren’t looking for a male, feminized was the route.

This is highly reductive.

But it shows the assumptions we all make.

›› Fast forward ›› through the “bag seed” cycles

When I started popping seeds from actual packs

I noticed this bias continue:

I was leaning into Fems


I didn’t want to risk a male, and pollen, and contamination, and all the (slightly irrational) fears I had about a surprise dude in the mix from a reg seed.

So, I popped a lot of feminized gear.

As time went on, that balance shifted slightly

90/10 in favor of fems

But 1–2 regs in the mix occasionally

Fast forward to today.

I was in the grow today enjoying my morning cup of coffee

Looked over at the packs I’ve selected for my next hunts

(Shhhh, they’re a surprise 🫣)

And realized:

Not a single fem pack in the bunch.

All 4 have been selected based on the genetics

Zero regard for what type of seed



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