From Buyer To Grower: Never Say Never

Ben Owens
2 min readSep 18

Tbh, I never thought I’d grow my own cannabis.

I thought people only grew for a side hustle.

Until 2019, I was buying all of my weed.

I was intrigued by home grows.

But I wasn’t confident in my ability to produce the quality I was buying.

Turns out, I just needed my eyes opened.


Back in 2016, I had just moved to Colorado and was regularly “seshing” with everyone I could in the industry.

You see, networking in cannabis often takes place in a “sesh” — a meeting focused around consuming flower and hash.

[Side note: Being able to smoke for hours during these conversations is a skill with massive ROI in this space)

One of the people at those seshes was growing a small plant in his closet with some old computer fans.

Turns out, you can grow small amounts for fun!

He wasn’t trying to get pounds; he wanted top quality head stash.

Soon after, I started to see more and more friends start their own hobby grows.

That’s when I saw it.

Growing weed is a hobby that:

  • Improves health AND happiness
  • Becomes more common as prohibition slowly dies
  • Can be enjoyed by patients and consumers around the world
  • And it’s easier (and cheaper) than ever to get started growing your own

My background writing for grow-related cannabis companies catalyzed my decision to give it a try.

And during that first grow, I saw:

  • What it takes to grow the plant I’d consumed for 10+ years
  • How many different ways there are to grow weed at home
  • The impact that a hobby can have on both personal and professional life
  • Why the growers I knew were so passionate without having any intent to sell
Ben Owens

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