Hobby Hash: My #1 Tip for Home Hash-Makers That Are Just Getting Started

Ben Owens
2 min readSep 21

Do you grow and want to get started making your own hash?

I have been making hash at home since 2019. And what I can tell you (from experience) is that making hash at home requires a combination of the right genetics, proven processes, and a setup that fits your needs.

So, here’s the #1 tip I would give you if you wanted to pursue the hobby hash path:

Create a no-rush workspace.

It’s easy to feel rushed when you first start making hash at home.

Hash needs to stay cold during the extraction process, and not everyone has a cold room (myself included).

When you’re working with an imperfect space, you have to lean on your equipment so you can take as much time as you need to do things right.

For me, that means putting essential tools in the freezer, chilling water and ice in reservoirs, and making sure there’s space for full trays in-between batches.

(Since I’m doing smaller hobby-size washes, I’m not filling multiple trays with each wash — I’m lucky to fill an entire tray — which means I need a cold place for pre-dry storage while I wash the other batches.

Haste makes waste.

And the last thing you want is to lose hash because you felt rushed.


That’s a wrap!

Ready to make your own hash at home?

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