How MSOs Want You To Get Your Weed (aka Growing Your Own Has Never Been Easier)

Ben Owens
1 min readSep 15
Sour Papaya, grown in a 4x4 grow tent in a Hobby Grow by yours truly.

How MSOs Want You To Get Your Weed

  • Spend hundreds of dollars every month at the dispensary
  • Be at the mercy of market prices and availability
  • Rely on inconsistent strains and quality
  • Worry about remediation and sourcing

How You Should Actually Get All The Weed You Desire

  • Learn how to grow with help from other growers
  • Continue to improve and dial in your efforts for consistent results
  • Enjoy a never-ending supply of your favorite strains

We are the first generation in history with the collective knowledge of cannabis cultivation at our fingertips.

Don’t blow this opportunity by settling for overpriced, store-bought weed.

You’re not made to be a mere consumer.

Your dispensary will replace your favorites the moment it’ll boost profits.

Hobby Grow Skills You Can Pick Up Online Today:

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Growing Techniques
  • Soil and Nutrient Management
  • Pest and Disease Control
  • Harvesting and Curing
  • Hobby Hash Making

Challenge for you:

Live up to your potential; grow weed like the photo above at home.

That’s a wrap!

Want to feel confident growing your own?

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