Legal Cannabis’ Plastic Problem: 1Lb of Weed = 70 Lbs of Waste.

There are a lot of things most people don’t know about the Cannabis industry, including how much waste occurs in this space.

For example, did you know…

  • In Canada’s first year of legal weed, more than 12.7 million pounds of plastic waste was generated from packaging.
  • That’s 70 pounds of plastic waste PER POUND of legal weed sold.
  • That’s 70 grams of plastic waste PER GRAM (the standard pre-roll size).

Waste in cannabis is common knowledge, but the extent is far beyond what most will admit.

If you buy weed in plastic containers, these stats may come as a shock.

Here’s the solution no one is talking about:

🌱 Hobby growers typically use glass jars that are recyclable and reusable, minimizing the amount of waste involved in enjoying your favorite smoke.

Crazy how growing your own also reduces the entire industry’s waste problem, right?


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Ben Owens

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