Roll Your Own Hash Hole in 9 Steps (or less)

Ben Owens
4 min readNov 30, 2023

Today is National Hash Hole Day.

I’ve been rolling hash holes for the past few years.

Some call them donuts.

Some call them cannons.

But the idea is the same:

Flower rolled around a slug of hash.

As you smoke it, the hash melts.

This leaves a “hash hole” in the center.

Not to be confused with thai sticks and rolls that use a skewer in the center.

The hardest part?

Getting an even balance of flower around the outside of your hash.

If the hash is too close to one side of the roll, it won’t burn evenly.

Which means you need:

The right balance of flower to hash.

A rolling process that keeps the hash in the center.

Here’s how to do it…

Roll Your Own Hash Hole in 9 Steps (or less)


  • 2x King Size Rolling Papers
  • Tip (I like RipTips but can also use cardstock)*
  • 1.8–3.5g of flower
  • .5–1g of extract (bubble hash, piattella, rosin, etc)**
  • Parchment & Grinder (Optional)***

* Don’t use 3D printed tips or “art tips” with elmer’s glue in them. These look cool, but heat releases toxins from plastics and adhesives (even if the material is “non toxic”, heat changes things).

** You can make a hash hole with any extract, solventless or not (we used to do it with snakes of shatter). That said, more modern techniques call for solventless extracts, aka “hash”.

*** Grinders help with maintaining an even burn; parchment makes it easy to roll out your extract to the size you need, but gloves also work if you work quickly to avoid it sticking to your hands.


  1. Combine 2 king size papers: Apply moisture to the gum strip on the edge of one paper, then press against the other paper, overlapping 1 full side of each to…



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