Set Your Plant Sitter Up For Success With These 9 Tricks

Ben Owens
3 min readNov 6, 2023

Got a plant sitter lined up for your next vacation?

Do what I do:

Make it as easy as possible to take care of your grow.

Set them up for success before you ever leave with these 9 tricks:


1. Anticipate Needs:

Fill buckets with water or pre-mix feeds so your sitter doesn’t have to figure it out.

Place tools like pitchers, headlamp w/ green light, etc. in clear view so they get used.


2. Clean Grow:

Great time to sweep, vacuum, empty the trash, wipe down surfaces, put away & organize supplies.

Tons of benefits to a clean grow, plus it’s more welcoming to guests.


3. Clean Plants:

The last thing you want to see when you come home is an unmanageable jungle.

Cleaning up your veg plants/moms before you go — defoliation, lollipopping, and topping — has a dual benefit of preventing the jungle and making it easier for your plant sitter to water each plant.

(I have had plant sitters say things before like “It was really tough to reach all the plants” which translated to: The hard-to-reach plants didn’t get watered).


4. Environmental IPM:

A clean grow helps avoid contamination, but even better are tools that create a fortress around your grow area, like a sanitation mat, to keep unwanted threats out.

I use a BioMat from BioSafe, and fill it with a ZeroTol solution.

That way, anyone who enters the grow automatically steps on it, cleaning the soles of their shoes and minimizing contamination.


5. Timing:

Avoid crucial times in your plants’ lives where it can be hard to anticipate needs.

This includes germination, transplanting, flipping, pre-flower/early flower, harvest, and post-harvest needs like drying and curing.

If your plant sitter isn’t familiar with your grow and these plants, it will be…



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