Sex Testing Saves Time, Money & More By Removing The Guesswork Early

Ben Owens
3 min readOct 28, 2023

7 out of 9 were dudes.

That was the result of my “guesswork” — aka not using mail-in-sex tests.

I planned for 9 ladies. I ended up with 2.

Look, it’s not hard to sex a cannabis plant…

…once it’s in flower.

It’ll show pistils, or pollen sacks (“balls”).

Former is female, latter is male.

But, if you wait until flipping, you could end up — like I did — with a male majority.

And that sucks.

For a few reasons:

  1. You now have less female plants, which will impact your yields.
  2. You’ve spent weeks in veg with these plants to end up killing them
  3. You’ve wasted your time, labor, and supplies on plants that won’t pay you back

Unless you’re working on a preservation project for seeds and plan to let nature do her thing, males are costly.

And waiting 5–6 weeks minimum for the gender reveal is unnecessary when you can test seedlings.

If, like me, you’re also cloning these plants in hopes of finding a keeper, you’re adding more costs and time to the mix.

Keeping clones around of unsexed plants makes no sense.

5 Reasons I Sex Test My Seedlings As Early As Possible

  1. Saves Time: Time spent waiting to find out, but also time spent in the grow, caring for plants I’m going to eventually cull. In my experience, I’ve received results within 1 week of mailing samples in.
  2. Saves Money: Nutrients, water, energy for lights, substrates, cloning hormones, and other supplies all cost money, and using them on plants with no ROI who will only get killed is wasteful.
  3. Saves Space: In the grow and in the cloning process; knowing which plants are males lets you quickly remove those plants, freeing up physical space as well as space in cloners and trays by removing the need to…



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