The Single Best Piece of Advice For First Time 🌱 Hobby Growers: Keep It Alive

Ben Owens
1 min readOct 11, 2022

This was the challenge given to me when I planted my first cannabis seeds in 2019.

Keep it alive.

As a cannabis consumer for a decade prior, the closest I’d got to growing was regularly killing (and replacing) small herb plants: basil, mint, rosemary.

Now, more than three years into growing, I regularly go back to this simple guidance.

All you have to do is keep it alive.

When you start growing, you may get overwhelmed by…

  1. The variety of genetics (and what you should start with)
  2. The amount of equipment options (and what’s actually necessary)
  3. A lack of confidence (it’s your first time, we’ve all been there!)

Start small: With your setup and with your goals.

If you’re like me, the idea of picking up a new hobby and finding out we are a “natural” may seem plausible. But growing can be a challenge. Don’t back down, and don’t try to perfect every aspect of the grow your first time.

Your first effort is not about being perfect, it’s about starting.

It’s about discovering how caring for a plant makes you feel.

It’s about whether you enjoy the growing process.

It’s about improving with each round (not all at once).

My challenge to you is the same one I was given: Can you keep a single plant alive from seed to harvest?

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