Travel-Friendly: 3 Ways To Leave Your Grow Alone (Without Coming Home To Dead Plants)

Ben Owens
2 min readNov 5, 2023

Growing doesn’t have to be a ball & chain tying you to your hometown.

Sure, your grow needs you.

But you also need the freedom to get out.

There are 3 ways to achieve this freedom:

Option 1: Stop growing.

For most of us, that’s not even an option.

Especially if you’re keeping cuts around.

Option 2: Automate

This can be great if you run smooth, simple systems.

Same size pots. Same genetics. Same feeds.

But, if you have a variety of things going on, dialing in your automation can be tricky.

And, if it fails, no one is there to stop the flood or feed your starving plants.

Which brings us to…

Option 3: Plant Sitting

Just like children or pets, a sitter can take the reins.

And, with the proper instruction, can care for everything until you get home.

If you can, automation is great, but if you’ve got a bit more going on than stopping or automating allow, a plant sitter is a game changing option that allows you to live your life and keep your hobby alive while away.

That’s a wrap!

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