Using Your Hobby Grow To De-Stress — The Psychological Benefit of Time With Plants

Ben Owens
2 min readSep 15

Time in nature is good for our mental health.

And research backs this up; time with plants helps improve our mood, reduce stress, and relieve anxiety.

Now, imagine being able to dip into that stress-release at any point in the day.

As someone who works almost entirely remote, I have access to my grow all day. I can peek in on the ladies and see how they’re doing, give myself a mindless task for a few minutes between meetings, or even just open up a tent and sit there and stare.

You see, not everyone has access (or time) to go take a hike or spend time on a mountain when they work all day.

And, even if you work in an office, a Hobby Grow allows you to spend a few moments before or after work in nature, every day.

Bonus: It’s also good for your plants, and a good growing habit, to check on them once a day anyways.

Don’t just spend time doing what needs to be done.

Intentionally carve out 5 minutes for doing nothing but being in the grow, with the plants, focused on the present.

Often, we spend all our time in the grow working on the grow.

As someone who has been hobby growing for the past few years, I’ve found that, in addition to all of the tasks that need to be done, setting time aside to just be with the plants offers one of the main benefits of growing:

The sense of peace and inspiration it brings, even during the most stressful moments.

The beauty of this 5-minute ritual is its simplicity.

It doesn’t take much extra time, and it offers a quick and easy tool for removing stress into your daily routine.

Your plants grow, and so do you.


That’s a wrap!

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